Garden Visiting

"The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies."  Gertrude Jekyll


You'll find The Gatehouse Lodge and our Loft Apartments tucked away in a quiet corner at the entrance to these lovely Gardens, which like the Lodge itself, have been rescued from dereliction and decay.

In 2001, the main gardens were only visible in winter. Scrub and woodland had reclaimed a once-great, 400 year old garden. Work began that year and since then we have been working to re-establish the gardens. This is an ongoing process and some of our planting will take many years to reach maturity. For many of our visitors this slow revival is part of the beauty of their visit. 500 years of history comes alive precisely because this is a work in progress. Last year, for instance, the next batch of walls were repaired, the river was revived to encourage trout and new plantings mingled with the surviving trees and shrubs planted by previous generations of gardeners.


Every year hundreds of private gardens open their gates for charity. See their website to find them. 


The county of  Lincolnshire in the  East of England, has many historic and landscape features of interest to the visitor, including numerous gardens.  Lincolnshire Gardens, is a group of like minded gardeners, who have joined  together to promote what we consider to be a collection of the finest  gardens and nurseries to be found in the English Midlands. Offering a wide range of garden and landscape styles, modern and historic houses, and  exciting plant collections. Why not make a visit to Lincolnshire’s gardens and nurseries?